The Chance

The Chance, is a game inspired by the old Side Scrollers. Where the player must venture into the unconscious T. Lonhard C. while dying, and help him regain his strength to make the right choice when the time comes , in the mystical world of The Chance.
To do this you must face with Teo various personal problems that marked him , so that he can learn from each of them and thus become stronger.


The Chance is a sidescroller game, which gameplay its mainly inspired by Megaman X of Snes. Although in certain aspects you will remember some of Super Metroid.
The main goal of The Chance, will be to allow the player to advance at his own pace, fastest as X or adventurer like Samus.


Along the game you will find many hidden things that will help you in your quest. Such as, power ups, more 'willpower', or hidden aspects of Teo's story.
Its up to you, to find each one of this and use them to help Teo to regain his life or end it.

Test World:

If you want to have a taste of 'The Chance' you can mess around in the Test World.
When the game gets bigger, the test world will be no more, but a demo.