Website notes.

This document is meant to be applied to this website. Do not confuse it with the final product of The Chance terms.
Please note that the whole site, including this section could be updated without notice since they're a work in progress.

1. Media
1.1.- You can put any of the images from this site anywere you like. A short email saying were and/or how will be appreciated.
1.2.- Once the trailer gets online you will be able to share it, as you please.

2. Free graphics
2.1.- The black backgrounds of the text will be free to your use, in whatever way you like.

3. Test World / Demo
3.1.- You can play with it.
3.2.- You can record yourself playing it, and share your record.
3.3.- You can't download it from here, go and check on The Chance IndieDB profile, for oficial downloads aviable.
3.4.- You are free to share it with your friends. (:
3.5.- You can't take any sprites from it and show them as yours, legal actions could be taken.
3.6.- In case you really want a sprite from it: wait. I'm planning on release a pack after the oficial game release.

4. Contact
4.1.- Any questions or feedback can be sended to